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Asam criteria | samhsa

ADAM is used internationally for adult hospitalization of patients with severe mental illness. The criteria should be used when: A:  A serious or long-standing mental illness-related illness, such as delusional disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and/or a psychotic illness such as bipolar disorder, is present. B:  The mental illness may lead a person to take part in inappropriate behavior or  to threaten the  well-being, safety or rights of others, or to pose a risk to the physical or emotional health or safety of people living with the individual. C:  The mental illness must have lasted for an extended period of time and  must present significant risk of harm for the person and their  family, or to cause significant disability to people living with the (individual) such as cognitive, developmental, and/or intellectual dysfunction, or to create significant risk to health or safety of people living with the person. D:  The person must be evaluated and stabilized, evaluated and.

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an introduction to the asam criteria for patients and families - aetna

The ADAM criteria have been designed to be a useful tool for both basic and clinical medicine, and therefore the guidelines are designed to include many aspects of medical care including, but not limited to: treatment for , , and  . The guidelines were revised and revised again between 2007 and 2017 and many of the changes were for the better. While the guidelines are an essential tool for physicians and clinicians, many of the items are still not included in the guidelines due to a lack of clear definition, an uneven spread of information (e.g., there are many specific treatment guidelines for cancer patients but many specific treatment guidelines for patients with epilepsy and a number of other neurological disorders) or other reasons. The guidelines are still valuable for patient and clinician education, but we should not underestimate the inherent limitations. At its core, an ADAM criterion is a .   For.

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